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Fluffy Kangaroo Tug Toy

  • Authentic Australian Kangaroo Fur: Strong and enticing, the kangaroo fur on hide is not just a treat for your dog's senses but also incredibly durable, standing up to countless play sessions.
  • Sustainable Wool Stuffing: Stuffed with high-quality Australian carded wool, this toy is designed for safety, sustainability, and durability, offering a natural and satisfying bite experience without the use of synthetic fills.
  • Comfortable and Strong Handle: Crafted from climbing-grade tubular webbing, the handle is both soft on your hands and strong enough to handle vigorous tug games, ensuring you maintain control during interactive play.
  • Industrial UV Resistant Stitching: Each toy is meticulously stitched with industrial UV-resistant thread, ensuring it can withstand both energetic play and the harsh Australian sun without degrading.
  • Handmade in Melbourne: Proudly handcrafted by our skilled team in Melbourne, every Fluffy Kangaroo Tug Toy is a testament to our commitment to quality and local production.