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Biothane Multifunction Leash

Crafted for Unmatched Excellence: Our Handmade 19mm Super Grip Biothane Multifunction Dog Lead stands as a beacon of premium quality, offering durability and adaptability for a seamless walking and training experience.

Comfort Beyond Compare: Enjoy a comfortable and secure grip facilitated by the Super Grip Biothane material, promising worry-free walks and training sessions with your dog.

Express Your Dog's Style: Tailored to suit every dog's personality, this multifunction lead is not only functional but also stylish, making it a perfect accessory for your dog, no matter the occasion.

Control with Confidence: With 8 different ways to use, including a full-length lead and hands-free options, this 230cm lead ensures you can maintain the perfect balance of freedom and control during walks, training, and outdoor adventures.