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Ultimate Training and Safety: The Tab Slip Collar for Precision Control and Versatility

Tab Slip Collar- Ultimate Control

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Tab Slip Collar by PK9 Gear: Ultimate Control for Your Dog's Training and Safety

Introducing the Tab Slip Collar by PK9 Gear, a versatile and highly functional collar designed for dog owners who require ultimate control in various training scenarios. From precision obedience training to protection work, this collar is engineered to meet the diverse needs of both the dog and the handler.

Why Choose the Tab Slip Collar by PK9 Gear?

When it comes to your dog's training and safety, you shouldn't have to compromise. The Tab Slip Collar by PK9 Gear offers a range of features that make it the go-to choice for dog owners who demand the best. Whether you're working on obedience training, protection work, or transitioning to off-leash activities, this collar provides the control and reliability you need.

Elevate Your Dog's Training with PK9 Gear

At PK9 Gear, we are committed to offering only the best for your dog. The Tab Slip Collar is a prime example of our dedication to quality and functionality. Visit our collection on PK9 Gear to discover more premium products for your dog's training and lifestyle needs. Secure your Tab Slip Collar today and experience the PK9 difference!

Key Features

Adjustable Fit for Various Neck Sizes:

  • Designed to fit neck sizes up to 60cm, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit for a wide range of dog breeds.

Dual Stoppers for Customised Adjustment:

  • Features dual stoppers that allow for optimal adjustment, providing a snug fit without compromising on your dog's comfort.

Super Grip Tab for Enhanced Control:

  • Equipped with a super grip tab, this collar offers exceptional control, making it ideal for off-leash transition work and precision obedience training.

Perfect Length for Off-Leash Transition Work:

  • The collar's length is specifically designed for off-leash transition work, allowing for seamless movement and control during training sessions.

Versatile Use in Protection Work:

  • Its robust construction and design make it suitable for use in protection work, offering reliability and control when you need it most.

Ideal for Precision Obedience Training:

  • The Tab Slip Collar is perfect for precision obedience training, allowing for clear and effective communication between you and your dog.

Serves as a Great Backup Collar and Leash:

  • Its versatile design means it can also serve as a backup collar and leash, ensuring you're always prepared.
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Train your pup with confidence using PK9's Training Collar! Engineered for effectiveness and reliability, our collar offers gentle guidance during training sessions. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to harmony with PK9.


A highly effective and adaptable collar made for dog owners who need total control in a variety of training situations. This collar is designed to accommodate the many needs of the dog and the handler, from protective work to precise obedience teaching.

Handmade in Melbourne

Discover exceptional craftsmanship with our Tab Slip collars, each meticulously handcrafted to blend longevity and style using the finest materials.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Handy and effective

Great to know the Tab Slip Collar has proven to be both handy and effective for you! We're all about combining functionality with ease of use. Thanks for the 5-star rating and for sharing how it's made a positive impact. Best, Chris - Owner and Head Of The PK9 Gear Handmade Sweatshop.

Lana Edwards
Not Happy with your service

I have asked several times to view the free video after purchasing the tab slip collar and Chris can vouch to that. He's tried to help but so far I have not been able to enroll and haven't made any progress in viewing the free video. I've only recently sent an email to your info email. Why is this such a difficult ask? Regards, Lana Edwards