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Toss, Fetch, Cherish: Handmade Ball on a String, the Perfect Playmate for Little Dogs

Chuckit Fetch Ball with Climbing Rope Handle For Little Dogs

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Colour - Blue
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Discover the joy of interactive play with our Handmade Ball on a String Dog Toy, meticulously crafted in Australia by PK9 Gear. Tailored for little dogs, this fetching toy combines the thrill of a high-bouncing Chuckit Fetch Ball with the sturdy grip of a 6mm Paramax handle, creating a perfect play companion for your furry friend.

Indulge in a fetching toy that resonates with quality, interactive fun, and a love for little dogs. Our Handmade Ball on a String Dog Toy is not just a play accessory; it’s an investment in quality playtime that nurtures the bond between you and your canine companion. Explore a world of interactive fun and training possibilities with this quintessential Australian crafted dog toy from PK9 Gear.

Key Features
  • Premium Chuckit Fetch Ball: Encased in a 5cm Chuckit Fetch Ball, this dog toy is designed for boundless fun. Known for its high bounce and durability, the Chuckit Fetch Ball stimulates physical and mental activity, ensuring a hearty workout and interactive engagement for your little dog.
  • Robust Paramax Handle: The 6mm Paramax handle offers a secure and comfortable grip, making toss and fetch games a breeze. Its durability stands up to the energetic play, providing a reliable and long-lasting fetch companion.
  • Handmade Australian Craftsmanship: Assembled with precision and care by PK9 Gear in Australia, this ball on a string dog toy embodies quality and durability. Our meticulous hand-assembly ensures a premium toy that withstands rigorous play, reflecting our commitment to providing quality equipment for little dogs.
  • Ideal for Little Dogs: Tailored to suit the playful nature of little dogs, the size and design cater to their fetching enthusiasm, ensuring they don’t miss out on high-quality dog toys.
  • Promotes Interactive Play: Foster a stronger bond with your furry friend through interactive play. The design encourages chasing and fetching, enhancing training, and exercise sessions, making them enjoyable and beneficial.
  • Easy to Maintain: Maintenance is simplified as this dog toy is easy to clean, ensuring a fresh and ready play accessory for countless fetching games and training endeavors.
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Handmade In Melbourne

Elevate playtime with PK9's Ball Toy! Crafted for hours of fun with your furry friend, our toy combines durability with a playful design. Say goodbye to flimsy toys and hello to endless fetch sessions with PK9.


The 6mm Paramax handle provides a stable and cozy grip, making games of fetch and toss easy. Its robustness withstands the vigorous play, making it a dependable and long-lasting fetch friend.


The Handmade Ball on String Little Dog Toy, crafted in Melbourne, offers an engaging play experience for smaller dogs, combining a high-bouncing Chuckit Fetch Ball with a sturdy Paramax handle

Customer Reviews

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Debra Shakespeare
Small dog Chuck It - Fetch Ball

Love the awesome quality - design and the fact that my Jack Russell loves it too!!!