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Soft And Fluffy Rabbit Tug Toy

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Ignite Your Dog's Natural Instincts with Genuine Rabbit Hide
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Introducing the PK9 Gear Full Rabbit Tug Toy, a unique and irresistible playtime companion for your four-legged friend. Crafted with care in Melbourne, each of these toys is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece tailored to satisfy your dog's natural instincts and provide hours of entertainment.

What's Good About The Full Rabbit Tug Toy?

  1. Genuine Rabbit Hide: We've sourced full rabbit hides to create these toys, igniting your dog's natural prey instincts. The soft and lightweight rabbit hide is designed to captivate your dog's attention during play.

  2. Handmade in Australia: Each toy is meticulously crafted in Australia using top-quality materials. Strong tubular webbing and heavy-duty UV-resistant stitching ensure durability while being soft on your hands for a secure grip.

  3. Built for Natural Instincts: This toy is designed with your dog's natural instincts in mind. The rabbit hide triggers their prey drive, making playtime exciting and engaging.

  4. Quality and Feedback: While rabbit hide is lightweight and perfect for stimulating interest in tug, it's not as sturdy as other materials like sheepskin and kangaroo. If your dog has a strong bite, consider exploring our alternative tug toy options for extended durability.

  5. Tested and Improved: At PK9 Gear, we take pride in our commitment to quality. Our toys undergo rigorous testing by a diverse group of dog toy testers. We value feedback and reviews, using them to continually enhance our toy designs and provide you with the best possible products.

Treat your dog to a unique, stimulating playtime experience with the PK9 Gear Full Rabbit Tug Toy. Crafted with care in Melbourne, each of these toys is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, tailored to satisfy your dog's natural instincts and provide hours of entertainment

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Handmade In Melbourne

Handmade by us, right here in Melbourne. Each rabbit tug is inspected and tested for quality before shipping. Please note, as no two rabbits are the same, neither are these handmade tugs!

Your Dog Will Love It!

Most dogs can't resist this toy even for dogs that aren't into play! Unlike most toys that use faux fur etc, this uses 100% genuine ethically sourced Rabbit skins.

Little Dogs And Puppies

The problem which most tugs is, that they're too large and hard for smaller dogs.
Our Rabbit tug perfect size for little dogs and or puppies, who have softer mouths.