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Fluffy Flirt Pole: Extreme Chasing Fun for Your Playful Pup

Fluffy Puppy Flirt Pole- Puppy and Little Dog Flirt Pole

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Fluffy Puppy Flirt Pole: Perfect for Puppies and Small Dogs

Introducing the Fluffy Puppy Flirt Pole, exclusively designed for puppies and small dogs. Crafted with 100% Australian sheepskin, this flirt pole is perfect for engaging your dog in a playful and safe manner that's guaranteed to tire them out and keep them from nipping your hands!

Key Features

100% Australian Sheepskin

Soft and Safe for Puppies

The Fluffy Puppy Flirt Pole features strips of soft, fluffy sheepskin sourced entirely from Australia. This high-quality material ensures a gentle and enjoyable experience for your puppy or small dog.

Engaging and Stimulating

The natural texture and movement of the sheepskin strips stimulate your puppy's senses, encouraging playful behaviour and providing essential mental and physical stimulation.

Ideal for Younger Dogs

Designed for Fun and Safety

This flirt pole is specifically designed with the needs and safety of puppies and small dogs in mind. Its lightweight and easy-to-use design makes it the perfect tool for early training and play.

Easy to Handle

Perfect for Puppy Owners

With a user-friendly design, the Fluffy Puppy Flirt Pole is easy for owners to handle, making training sessions fun and rewarding for both you and your pet.

The Ultimate Puppy Play Companion

The Fluffy Puppy Flirt Pole is an essential addition to your puppy's playtime. Its combination of Australian sheepskin and puppy-friendly design make it the perfect choice for owners looking to engage their pets in safe and stimulating play

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Presenting the Fluffy Puppy Flirt Pole, made just for tiny dogs and puppies. This flirt pole, made entirely of Australian sheepskin, is ideal for playing with your dog in a safe and entertaining way that will wear them out and prevent them from biting your hands!

Handmade In Melbourne

Made from 100% Australian sheepskin, this flirt pole ensures safe and playful engagement with your dog, keeping them entertained and preventing hand nips.

Customer Reviews

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K R Russell
So much fun!

New to purchasing this and working towards any kind of structure in game playing but so far my two Westies love flirting with this. It’s a great way to keep them occupied when rainy or extremely hot days make it too hard to go for walks. They’re having endless fun trying to chase, jump, grab and destroy the prey and I’m having endless fun watching them :-)

It's fantastic to hear your Westies are thoroughly enjoying their new flirt pole, finding both fun and engagement on those days when the weather keeps you indoors. It sounds like it's providing not only a great source of exercise but also a joyful spectacle for you! Keep enjoying those playful moments, and thank you for choosing our gear to enrich your dogs' playtime. Best, Chris - Owner and Head Of The PK9 Gear Handmade Sweatshop.