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Flirt pole attachments spares and replacements

Flirt Pole- Tug Attachments

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🐾 Boost Your Dog's Play Sessions! 🐾

Introducing Flirt Pole Tug Attachments!

Elevate your dog's training and playtime with our robust Flirt Pole Tug Attachments. Designed to withstand energetic play, these attachments are crafted in Melbourne using durable Australian materials.

🌟 Enhance your play sessions and bond with your dog through fun, interactive challenges!

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Key Features

Why Our Attachments Stand Out:

  • Tough Choices: Select from materials like sheepskin and hide for durability.
  • Interactive Fun: Stimulate your dog's natural instincts and keep them engaged.
  • Versatile Use: Easily attach and swap out to keep your dog intrigued.
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Get ready for tug-of-war fun with PK9's Tug Toy! Engineered for durability and interactive play, our tug toy is your canine companion's perfect match. Say goodbye to flimsy toys and hello to hours of bonding with PK9.


Designed to withstand energetic play, these attachments are crafted in Melbourne using durable Australian materials allowing for easy switching between hands and maintaining a firm hold during dynamic play sessions.

Handmade In Melbourne

Crafted in Melbourne using durable Australian materials, these attachments are designed to withstand energetic play for long-lasting enjoyment.

Customer Reviews

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Heather Glaser
We love the concept

In general this product is fantastic. My dog absolutely loves it. We have had the flirt tug attachment for a few months before writing this review. At first impression the quality of the material used is definitely good quality. The lower rating is due to the fact that the toy is advertised/in the title as tug attachment yet the the material only has holes punched without a grommet of any kind. The hide is easily ripped off the string. Mind you I do have an ACD so I am taking this into consideration and have done work to limit the tugging with the toy. Although I heard about the product from a instagram ACD owner. Fantastic concept but poor execution for the amount of money spent. The toy is still usable but I would be more inclined to give more stars if the attached hides had something to prevent tearing.

Hey Heather,

Thanks so much for your order and your support all the way over in the USA :-)

I understand your concern and its the tricky part with using natural materials.

We have experimented with grommets prior, but we always have the concern about it being metal and dog causing damage to their teeth etc.

With the pieces that have come of, we always recommend punching a whole in them and reattching :-)
Once they are a bit shorter, there is less leverage so harder to tear