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Foam ball, with Super Grip Biothande handle, for training and play

Dog Super Grip Durafoam Ball

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Introducing the PK9 Super Grip Biothane 7cm Ball: The Ultimate Play and Training Toy

Unveiling the PK9 Super Grip Biothane 7cm Ball, a remarkable, lightweight, and enduring dog toy crafted for limitless hours of interactive play and training sessions with your dog. Constructed from ultra-resilient foam and featuring a super grip biothane handle, this versatile ball is the perfect companion for both indoor and outdoor adventures.

Elevate Your Play and Training Sessions

Add a new dimension to your dog's playtime and training with the PK9 Super Grip Biothane 7cm Ball. Designed for durability, safety, and superior grip, this multi-purpose toy is perfect for quality bonding time with your dog. Secure yours now and experience the PK9 difference!

Key Features
  • Durable Material:
    • The PK9 DuraFoam Ball is crafted from a premium, high-quality dura-foam material.
    • Resilient design ensures it can withstand rough play, perfect for energetic dogs.
    • Ensures long-lasting enjoyment and durability, making it a reliable toy.
  • Lightweight & Safe:
    • Gentle on your dog's teeth and gums due to its lightweight composition.
    • Provides a safe and enjoyable playtime experience for both training and fun.
  • Easy to Grip:
    • Features a strong and durable string attached for effortless tossing and interaction.
    • Makes fetch, tug, and training sessions engaging and enjoyable for you and your dog.
  • Engaging & Interactive:
    • Stimulates physical activity and mental engagement, promoting a healthy lifestyle.
    • Fulfills your dog's natural instincts for play and exploration.
    • Keeps your dog happy, fit, and mentally stimulated.
  • Suitable for All Dog Sizes:
    • Perfectly sized with a 7cm diameter, accommodating all breeds and sizes.
    • Ensures endless fun for both small and large dogs alike.
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Handmade In Melbourne

Elevate playtime with PK9's Ball Toy! Crafted for hours of fun with your furry friend, our toy combines durability with a playful design. Say goodbye to flimsy toys and hello to endless fetch sessions with PK9.


With its super-grip biothane handle and construction made of ultra-resilient foam, this adaptable ball is the ideal partner for both indoor and outdoor excursions.


The Dog Super Grip Foam Ball, carefully handmade in Melbourne, is crafted for both fun and training, using durable materials for lasting enjoyment

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Damon Devir
Good quality, would be great

If my dog hadn’t chewed through the rubber strap in about 8 seconds, gonna need some rope to replace it.

Damon, sorry to hear about the rubber strap's quick demise! It sounds like your dog's enthusiasm for our products knows no bounds. We appreciate your feedback and the heads-up on the need for a more durable replacement, like rope. Rest assured, we're on it to ensure our gear stands up to even the most eager of chewers. Thanks for choosing us, and we're here to support you in finding a solution that keeps both you and your furry friend happy. Best, Chris - Owner and Head Of The PK9 Gear Handmade Sweatshop.

Albert Bolofer
Super Grip Durafoam

Very high quality product. My dogs obsessed with it already so had to buy a few more so I can have it around the house and easy to access whenever we want to train.

Easy to wash and dry too. So can literally hide it in every corner of the house.