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Slip Leash Mastery: Biothane Brilliance for Unparalleled Training Performance and Craftsmanship

6ft Dog Slip Lead- Handmade with 6mm Biothane

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Introducing the PK9 Handmade Training Slip Leash, a premium-quality, resilient leash tailored to amplify your dog's training journey. Expertly constructed from Biothane, a superior material known for its durability, this 6mm thick leash guarantees a firm hold and dependable resilience, promising enduring efficiency and command.

Upgrade your dog training essentials with the PK9 Handmade Training Slip Leash made from Biothane. This premium leash delivers unmatched strength, longevity, and command. Ideal for dog owners in search of a dependable, top-tier leash. Secure yours now and witness the excellence!

Key Features
  • Handmade Dog Obedience Training Slip Collar:
    • Crafted with meticulous attention to detail for superior quality.
    • Provides a reliable tool for obedience training and behaviour correction.
    • Customizable fit for different dog sizes and breeds.
  • Enhances Control and Precision in Training:
    • Allows trainers to have better control over their dogs during training sessions.
    • Enables precise communication of commands for consistent learning.
  • Allows for Greater Accuracy in Commands:
    • Facilitates clear and direct communication between owner and dog.
    • Minimizes misunderstandings, leading to faster progress in training.
  • 300kg Break Strength Premium Paracord Dog Leash:
    • Offers exceptional strength and durability to withstand daily use.
    • Suitable for active dogs and various outdoor activities.
  • Features Brass or Stainless Steel O Rings:
    • Provides a secure and reliable connection to your dog's leash
    • Resistant to rust and corrosion, ensuring longevity.
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Experience walks like never before with PK9's premium dog leashes. Designed for both you and your furry friend, our leashes offer unbeatable comfort, durability, and style. Say goodbye to hand strain and hello to enjoyable strolls with PK9.


Its adaptable length and design make our training slip leash perfect for various training contexts, from obedience drills to behaviour adjustments and routine walks.

Handmade In Melbourne

Handmade in Melbourne, this durable and comfortable leash is a testament to Australian quality, designed with the needs of dog owners in mind

Customer Reviews

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Ethan Chen
Good quality and perfect length

Used this on my 8 month shepherd breed, works well and is the perfect length !