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Soft And Fluffy Rabbit Tug Toy

  • Genuine Rabbit Hide: We've sourced full rabbit hides to create these toys, igniting your dog's natural prey instincts. The soft and lightweight rabbit hide is designed to captivate your dog's attention during play.

  • Handmade in Australia: Each toy is meticulously crafted in Australia using top-quality materials. Strong tubular webbing and heavy-duty UV-resistant stitching ensure durability while being soft on your hands for a secure grip.

  • Built for Natural Instincts: This toy is designed with your dog's natural instincts in mind. The rabbit hide triggers their prey drive, making playtime exciting and engaging.

  • Quality and Feedback: While rabbit hide is lightweight and perfect for stimulating interest in tug, it's not as sturdy as other materials like sheepskin and kangaroo. If your dog has a strong bite, consider exploring our alternative tug toy options for extended durability.

  • Tested and Improved: At PK9 Gear, we take pride in our commitment to quality. Our toys undergo rigorous testing by a diverse group of dog toy testers. We value feedback and reviews, using them to continually enhance our toy designs and provide you with the best possible products.