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PK9 Gear- Mardi Gras Tug Ring

  • Colourful and Engaging Design: Inspired by the lively spirit of Mardi Gras, this toy's bright colours and festive design are sure to catch your dog's eye.
  • Premium Durafoam Construction: Made from high-quality Durafoam, the Mardi Gras Tug Ring is both durable and lightweight, perfect for hours of play.
  • Soft Yet Sturdy: Gentle on teeth and gums, this ring is ideal for interactive games without the worry of harm, ensuring safe play for all dog breeds and sizes.
  • Floats on Water: Whether it’s a day at the beach or poolside fun, the Mardi Gras Tug Ring floats effortlessly, adding a splash to your dog's playtime.
  • Easy to Grip and Toss: The ring’s shape makes it simple for owners to throw and for dogs to catch, roll, and retrieve, enhancing both physical exercise and mental stimulation.