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Little Dog Long Line Features

Little Dog Long Line: Key Features

Vibrant Colour Options for Personal Style:

  • Available in hot pink and camo, offering a splash of personality to your dog's training gear.

Crafted from 750 Paracord for Unbeatable Strength:

  • Made with high-quality 750 paracord, boasting a breaking force of 750 lbs/kilo (340 kg), ensuring durability and safety.

4mm Width for Lightweight Design:

  • Features a 4mm width, providing a lightweight yet strong leash ideal for small dogs.

32-Strand Rope Sleeve and 11 Core Threads for Durability:

  • Constructed with a 32-strand rope sleeve and 11 core threads, offering both strength and flexibility in training.

Herm Sprenger 45mm Stainless Black Clip:

  • Equipped with a high-quality Herm Sprenger clip with a break strength of 210kg, ensuring a secure and reliable connection.

Mildew-Resistant Material for All-Weather Use:

  • Resistant to mildew and rot, making it a durable choice for any weather conditions.

Ideal for Training Small Dogs:

  • Specifically designed for training small dogs, offering precise control and communication for effective training sessions.

Lightweight for Easy Handling:

  • Its lightweight design makes it easy to handle, ensuring comfort for both you and your dog during training.

210kg Break Strength Herm Sprenger Clip:

  • Features a Herm Sprenger 45mm stainless black clip with a break strength of 210kg, offering exceptional strength and reliability.

Resistant to Mildew and Rot:

  • Crafted from material that is resistant to mildew and rot, ensuring the leash's longevity and durability.