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Fluffy Tugs

  • Vegan-Friendly Materials: Our tugs are made from luxurious faux fur and microfiber, offering a cruelty-free and environmentally conscious option for your dog's toy collection.

  • Ideal for All Dogs: Whether you have a curious puppy, a playful adult dog, or a senior who's young at heart, our Fluffy Tugs cater to all. They're especially perfect for dogs who aren't fond of traditional tug toys.

  • Enhanced Movement with Handles: Each tug is equipped with sturdy handles, making it easier for you to create dynamic, engaging play that stimulates your dog's natural instincts.

  • Perfect for Building Prey Drive and Engagement: The texture and movement of our Fluffy Tugs are excellent for encouraging natural prey drive and keeping your dog mentally and physically engaged during play.

  • Six Exciting Variants: With a variety of styles and textures, you can choose the perfect Fluffy Tug to match your dog's personality and play preferences.

  • Active Play Encouraged: These toys are designed for interactive play between you and your dog. While they're sturdy, they're not intended for unsupervised chewing.