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Biothane Long Line 10 metres

  • Extended Length for Diverse Training: At 10 metres, this long line is perfect for recall exercises, tracking, and nose work, ensuring your dog can explore whilst you maintain control.

  • Premium Biothane Material: Known for its unmatched durability and resilience, Biothane ensures a dependable and long-lasting leash that stands up to rigorous training sessions.

  • Handcrafted Excellence: Each Biothane Long Line is handcrafted with the same dedication and attention to detail as our Training Slip Leash, promising quality and longevity.

  • Weatherproof and Durable: Just like our slip leash, this long line is waterproof, rot/mildew proof, and remains flexible in extreme weather conditions.

  • Easy Maintenance: Keeping your long line clean is a breeze. Simply wipe with a damp cloth to maintain its pristine condition.

  • Strength You Can Trust: With an impressive breaking strength of up to 225 kg (500lbs), this leash is built to handle the most energetic of dogs.

  • Leather-like Elegance: Experience the aesthetics and feel of genuine leather with the durability and easy maintenance of Biothane.