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3 Tips for Improving your dogs recall - PK9 Gear

3 Tips for Improving your dogs recall

3 Tips for Improving your dogs recall

Use A Long Line

It is common for many dog owners to rush into letting their dog off leash well before they are truly ready. However, until you can confidently put forward 2 weeks of your hard-earned wages that your dog will return to you when you call in any environment and under a high level of distraction (yes, that includes recalling away from other dogs, birds, and people!) I strongly advise to keep them on a leash. 

Using a 5-10 metre long leash allows you to remain in control of your dog and prevent them from ignoring your recall cue whilst also giving them extra freedom to explore and the ability to burn off some steam. 

Reward your dog for check-ins

As a general rule, the more we acknowledge when our dogs do something we like, by using food, praise, pats or anything that your dog finds rewarding, the more likely it is that your dog will choose to repeat that behaviour.  

Keeping this in mind, when you are next out with your dog, try rewarding them each time they decide to check in with you voluntarily. This may be coming back to you or simply looking back in your direction without being asked. Soon, you will find that your dog will naturally gravitate to you rather than look into their environment for reinforcement. 

Build value in you

Having a good relationship with your dog is imperative in order to develop a reliable recall. Hand-feeding your dogs meals through training and simply getting out and playing with your dog is a great place to start to foster a strong bond between you and your furry friend. 

Rather than feeding your dog directly from a food bowl, place their food into a treat pouch and practice your recall reps, try out some fun food-chasing games, or work on some general obedience or tricks! 

Find out what kind of games your dog likes to play. Do they enjoy tug? Chasing after a flirt pole? Tap into your dog's natural desires and use this to build up your relationship together. 

Make sure you incorporate these 3 tips into your next training session with your dog, and we are sure you will see an improvement! 

Happy training!

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